My ham radio hobby

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My ham radio hobby

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I have been interested in Radio communications since I was young, and even managed a Radio Shack back in the 90's. My interest in Radio has been rekindled recently (update: well now 7-years ago).

I'm interested in the mobile-aspect of the hobby as well as digital modes. You may also find me on 75-meters, especially the 3916 nets. Ham radio, and especially working HF/mobile HF is not plug-n-play by any stretch, and the effort, research, education, and experimentation required to make it work well and effeciently has been very educational. This hobby is challenging and has been fun and rewarding.

My latest video about Amplifier operation, and some detail about my (previous to a recent move) shack setup:
Latest video about digital mode operations:

Below is a list of some the equipment I use to talk/listen/maintain my station.
If you have any questions about this equipment I may be able to help:
  • Below is a list of some the equipment I use to talk/listen/maintain my station:

    ICOM IC-706 MkIIG (automobile)
    ICOM IC-7300
    Ameritron AL-811 Amplifier
    NEW: Alpha Delta DX-EE 10,15,20,40-meter loaded Dipole.
    Palstar PM2000A SWR/Wattmeter
    MFJ-1979 20' Telescoping Vertical Antenna w/mast.
    Wolf River Coils Silver Bullet 1000
    MFJ-929 Intellituner Automatic Antenna Tuner x2 (car and QTH).
    MFJ Versa Tuner II (QTH).
    20-Meter, 40-Meter, 80-Meter Hamsticks (automobile)
    NooElec Ham-It-Up upconverter (for NooElec R820T2).
    MFJ-891 PEP Power/SWR Meter
    Radio Shack DX-160, recapped and restored.
    CountyComm GP-5 (Gen 3) SSB reciever.
    MFJ 959B antenna analyzer.
    SEESII NanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer.
  • On 2-Meters/440 I'm likely on:

    IC-706MkIIG w/ Diamond SG7500 NMO Mobile.
    Radio Shack HTX-202
    TDXone TD-Q8A w/Nagoya NA-771
    Boafeng UV-82 w/Nagoya NA-771
    Thanks for stopping by, hope to hear you on the air...

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